Romney Outsourced American Jobs Overseas? BUNK!

Propaganda: While at Bain Capital, Mitt Romney robbed Americans of jobs by outsourcing them overseas. He only cares about profit, not the American worker.indian call center


  • The Obama campaign claims in its “Come and Go” ad that Romney “shipped jobs to China and Mexico.” However, the two examples cited in the ad occurred after Romney had left Bain Capital. There is no evidence the third example cited resulted in any jobs being sent overseas.
  • The same “Come and Go” ad portrays Romney as a Corporate Pirate destroying companies for quick profit and putting Americans out of work. However, Bain Capital did not engage in hostile takeovers while Romney was at the helm.
  • “Come and Go” also claims Romney, as Governor of Massachusetts, outsourced jobs to an Indian call center. Romney vetoed a bill that would have prohibited Massachusetts from prohibiting free-market companies that use overseas call centers from doing business with the state. But, Massachusetts did not outsource jobs to India.
  • The Obama campaign ad “Revealed” cites a Washington Post story about Bain Capital shipping jobs to China. However, the Washington Post story cites no examples that occurred while Romney was at Bain.
  • Incredibly, The Washington Post’s own “Fact Checker” has declared its own story not factual and “open to interpretation”.
  • The Washington Post itself has given “4 Pinocchios” to similar attacks on Romney by the Obama Administration.
  • FactCheck.Org does an excellent job deconstructing this piece of propaganda with links to the Obama ads, considerable backup, and resource links you can follow on your own.

There is no evidence Bain Capital ever shipped American jobs overseas while Romney was at the helm. As Governor, Romney did not outsource jobs to India.

The Romney campaign has requested The Washington Post formally retract their original article. To date, The Washington Post has refused.

So, how does Obama stand up to the “outsourcing” spotlight?

  • The Obama Campaign is using a travel booking agency with services in India and China.
  • Jeffrey Katzenber, Obama’s largest fundraiser, has been outsourcing DreamWorks jobs to China. He’s the CEO.
  • John Rogers, Obama’s second largest fundraiser, owns Ariel Capital Management, which owns a large stake in Accenture, which is ranked the nation’s “best outsourcer” by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals.
  • Obama’s pick for White House Jobs Council, former GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, outsourced 34,000 American jobs overseas. 25,000 jobs were then added to the overseas facilities.
  • Immelt also fired 150 American workers at its X-ray division in Wisconsin and moved those jobs to China. 65 more workers were hired at the China facility.
  • Obama’s “Green Energy Loans” went largely to foreign companies, creating foreign jobs. Included in the list are Abengoa (Spain) and Fisker Automotive (Finland). Fisker is now facing bankruptcy.
  • Obama gave Ford Motors $6 Billion in taxpayer guaranteed loans. Ford is now expanding its operations outside the U.S.
  • Obama gave GM a $50 Billion bailout. GM is now building cars in China and Mexico.

Breitbart has an excellent article on Obama’s “outsourcing” hypocrisy. Read it here.

Recently, John Sununu appeared on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell and provided an epic smack down of the Obama Administration’s lies on “Outsourcing”. Specifically, that Romney outsourced zero jobs, while the Obama Administration outsourced more than $29 Billion. You can view that video here.

Yes, we have a Outsourcer in Chief”. He’s sitting in the White House.

Washington Post?

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