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Obama Didn’t Promise Unemployment Would Stay Below 8%? BUNK!

Propaganda: Obama never promised spending $821 Billion on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Stimulus Bill) would keep unemployment below 8%. GOP is lying to make him look bad!

Obama Added 4.4M Private Sector Jobs? BUNK!

Propaganda: Obama has created 4.4M private sector jobs over the last 28 months. His policies are working!

Yes, Obama Did Increase The Deficit More Than All Previous Presidents Combined

Propaganda: GOP is lying about Obama’s spending. He did not increase the deficit more than other presidents. He spent less than Bush and Reagan. He’s a fiscal hawk!

GM Repaid Taxpayers? BUNK!

Propaganda: General Motors repaid what it owes to taxpayers – $50 Billion in Government assistance. Obama’s bailouts and stimulus worked for America! GM is proof!