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Romney Used The 2002 Olympics For Personal Gain? BUNK!

Propaganda: Romney used his influence when he took leadership in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics to enrich Bain and his campaign for Governor of Massachusetts. He’s a crony-capitalist! Scandal!

Romney Committed A Felony? BUNK!

Propaganda: Romney said he stopped managing Bain Capital in 1999 to takeover The Olympics. But SEC documents have him as President and CEO until 2002. That’s a felony! Either he lied about leaving Bain in 1999 or he’s a FELON!

Yes, Democrats Have Swiss Bank And Offshore Accounts, Too

Propaganda: Romney won’t release his tax returns. He has foreign bank accounts and foreign investments. No one does that unless they’re hiding something!

Romney Was Involved in Scandal During The Olympics? BUNK!

Propaganda: The 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City were rife with bribery and scandal. Mitt Romney is directly tied to the people indicted in this scandal. His turnaround of the Olympics is tainted.

Romney Didn’t Leave Bain Until 2002? BUNK!

Propaganda: Romney didn’t leave Bain Capital in 1999. That means he was there, and responsible, for all the outsourcing and Bain job layoffs that occurred from 1999-2002!

Romney’s Too Rich To Be President? BUNK!

Propaganda: Mitt Romney is not qualified to be President because he’s rich. Rich people cannot understand the suffering of the common man. Democrats would never support a 1% candidate!

Romney Has No Plan for Jobs, The Economy, Trade Problems With China? BUNK!

Propaganda: Ok, the economy is bad but at least Obama tried. Mitt Romney has no right to criticize Obama. He’s not offered any solutions. He has no Plan!