Propaganda: The 10 Poorest States in America are run by Republicans! This proves their policies don’t work! Advertisements

Propaganda: The “Hockey Stick” proves man-made global warming! The IPCC said so! The science is settled!

Propaganda: The Rich are not paying their fair share! They’re greedy, evil, and don’t care about the rest of us!

Propaganda: Polls show a majority of Americans support raising the minimum wage! The Greedy Rich and Evil Republicans are ignoring the will of The People!

Propaganda: Over 97% of scientists surveyed believe Global Warming is happening and is man-made! 97%! The science is settled! 

Propaganda: Ronald Reagan believed guns have no place in society! He would be an enemy of the NRA! Republicans have become so extreme that even their hero, Ronald Reagan, would not be one of them today!

Propaganda: Second Amendment supporter and Republican Ted Nugent is a pedophile and draft dodger! He’s a bad person who should be shunned and ignored!