No, Global Warming Is Not Causing Extreme Weather

Propaganda: Global Warming is creating more and more intense hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, drought, floods, and shattering heat records! We’re all doomed!


Let’s review anthropological (man-made) global warming theory (AGW): CO2 levels have dramatically increased due to man’s industrialization and these CO2 levels are warming the planet.

The Industrial Revolution began in the late 1700s and continued through the mid 1800s. This means we really didn’t even start putting CO2 into the atmosphere until the 1800s. Reason dictates that it would take hundreds of years to accumulate the levels of CO2 necessary to heat the atmosphere to any measurable degree. In fact, Warmers say CO2 didn’t accumulate to dangerous levels until the 1950s.

So let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, for a moment, and say 1950 is the year CO2 became a problem. And let’s look at the historical record of extreme weather:



  • There are more than 86 recorded “Great Fires” that occurred before 1900.
  • There are an additional 50 great fires that occurred between 1900 and 1950.
  • Of the top worst natural wildfires in US history, the worst fire occurred in the Upper Midwest, in 1871.
  • The second worst natural wildfire in US history occurred in the Rocky Mountains, in 1910.
  • In Canada, the worst natural wildfire occurred in 1825.
  • The second and third worst Canadian wildfires occurred in 1947 and 1948.
  • In Australia, the worst wildfire ever recorded in modern history, anywhere, occurred in 1939.


  • Of the top 5 worst droughts in recorded human history, not one occurred after 1950.
  • The worst drought happened in India. It affected 10M people; one-third of the population. It occurred in 1769.
  • The second worst drought occurred in China. Called “The Great Famine”, it killed 9M people. It occurred in 1876.
  • The worst drought in US history, affecting 80% of America, “The Dust Bowl”, occurred in the 1930s.


  • Of the top 192 recorded deadliest floods, less than half of them occurred after 1950.
  • The top three deadliest floods took place in China. All three occurred before 1950.
  • Only 2 of the top 10 deadliest floods took place after 1950.
  • The ninth and tenth deadliest floods took place in the Netherlands. In 1287 and 1212.
  • Of the top 10 deadliest floods in US history, the top 4 occurred before 1938.
  • Only 3 of the 10 worst floods in US history occurred after 1950.


  • The hottest temperature ever recorded in North America was in 1913.
  • The hottest temperature ever recorded in Africa was in 1931.
  • The hottest temperature ever recorded in Asia was in 1942.
  • The hottest temperature ever recorded in South America was in 1920.
  • The hottest temperature ever recorded in Iceland was in 1939.
  • The hottest temperature ever recorded in The Netherlands was in 1944.
  • The hottest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica was in 1974. After 1950, yes, but 40 years ago.
  • Of all hottest temperature recordings around the planet, less than a third were recorded in the last 10 years.
  • The record for the most consecutive days above 100 degrees goes to Australia. In 1924.

We can go on like this with just about every weather factoid you’d like to examine.

Some Warmers insist AGW is causing extreme winter weather (don’t ask me how cold proves warming, it’s not my theory):

  • Yes, the winter of 2013-2014 was the coldest in 20 years. Snowfalls were 200% of average.
  • However, the coldest winter on record in the US was in 1936. The 1930s had a series of severe winters.
  • So we have record cold and snowy winters before and after 1950, with the worst of them well before 1950.

Now, before you start sending me examples of bad weather after 1950, remember where we started:

Warmers insist that CO2, dramatically and incrementally increasing in the atmosphere due to man, reaching mass saturation in 1950, is causing hitherto unseen extreme weather.

If that theory is true, we should be seeing overwhelming evidence of increased weather activity since 1950. And we’re not. In fact, the record shows that weather was more extreme before 1950 than it has been after 1950.

Sure, it’s possible Mother Nature knew we were planning to industrialize and got so pissed off that she decided to start punishing us in advance of CO2 saturation.

But it’s much more probable that AGW is junk science, superstition, chicanery, skullduggery, and bunk.

It’s just weather.

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