No, The US Does Not Rank 37th in Quality of Healthcare

Propaganda: The WHO ranks the United States 37th in Quality of Healthcare! 37th! See? Our healthcare system is broken and we need the government to step in and fix it!Nurse


The World Health Organization published its ranking in 2000. Yep, more than a decade ago. Has the WHO updated and refined it’s findings?

A WHO spokesman says the organization has no plans to update the rankings, and adds, “We would not consider it current.”

Well, ok. So let’s examine the 14-year old WHO paper.

The WHO report scored the following categories, as noted by the left-leaning PolitiFact:

• Health level, as defined by a measure of life expectancy, which shows how healthy a country’s population is. This factor gets a 25 percent weight.

• Responsiveness, which includes factors such as speed of health services, privacy protections, choice of doctors and quality of amenities. This factor gets a 12.5 percent weight.

• Financial fairness, which measures how progressive or regressive the financing of a country’s health care system is — that is, whether or not the financial burdens are borne by those who are economically better off. This factor receives a 25 percent weight.

• Health distribution, which measures how equally a nation’s health care resources are allocated among the population. This factor receives a 25 percent weight.

• Responsiveness distribution, which measures how equally a nation’s health care responsiveness (which we defined above) is spread through society. This factor gets a 12.5 percent weight.

So, 62.5% of the scoring is based on “social justice” as defined by the WHO. And who is the WHO?

The WHO has 194 member states: all Member States of the United Nations except Liechtenstein

Got it. So the WHO, which includes Iran, Lebanon, Russia, China, Cuba, et al, has decided that the US should rank 37th in overall “healthcare” because they think we score low on “social justice”.

Except for Liechtenstein, of course.

Here’s what the Wall Street Journal had to say:

The trouble is, the ranking is dated and flawed, and has contributed to misconceptions about the quality of the U.S. medical system.

Among all the numbers bandied about in the health-care debate, this ranking stands out as particularly misleading. It is based on a report released nearly a decade ago by the World Health Organization and relies on statistics that are even older and incomplete.

And this:

It’s a very notorious ranking,” says Mark Pearson, head of health for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the 30-member, Paris-based organization of the world’s largest economies. “Health analysts don’t like to talk about it in polite company. It’s one of those things that we wish would go away.

Anyone interested in the truth, who wishes to make decisions based on facts and data instead of ideology, would like it to go away, too.

Why would progressives latch on to a 14 year old propaganda report that was discredited the day it was released, and each day since?

Oh, and we don’t lead the world in infant mortality, either.

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