Ann Romney Said “You People”? BUNK!

Propaganda: Ann Romney said “We’ve Given All You People Need To Know” when asked for Mitt’s tax returns. She’s a rich, snob, elitist. How dare she refer to us as “You People”!


  • Ann Romney never said this.
  • What she said was ““And we’ve given all our people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how — you know, how we live our life.”
  • However, Barack Obama did say ““It shouldn’t be a Democrat/Republican issue. America is not just about you people doing well. America is about everybody doing well.”

This is an egregious piece of knavery. Like the McConnell lie, the Left edits what was said, inserts the words they want, and proceeds to defame the object of their hate. Simply, it’s an intentional, malicious, slander.

The Obama Media Palace Guards have repeated this bald-faced lie over and over and over again. If they’re willing to lie to you about this, what else are they lying to you about?

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