GOP in Florida Had Plans to Suppress the Black Vote? BUNK!

Propaganda: Former Florida GOP leader ADMITS the GOP had plans to suppress black voters. See? They’re racists!


  • This entire meme stems from statements made by former Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer, under criminal deposition.
  • There is no evidence this ever happened.
  • Greer has no witnesses to substantiate his claim.
  • There are no meeting notes, documents, recordings, etc. to support his claim.
  • Greer is currently on trial for corruption charges and has been scorned by the Florida GOP for his actions, which included fraud, money-laundering, and stealing from GOP funds.

So, what do we have here? A former GOP leader, thrown out of the party for unethical and illegal behavior, now on trial for corruption charges among others, lashing out at the GOP for abandoning and prosecuting him, and trying to save his skin by deflecting attention from his own crimes.

Said Greer: “Any good thing I did at the Republican Party has been destroyed by these (GOP) people. I want my life back. I want them to say they are sorry for what they did to me.”

Maybe Greer has some axes to grind?

The Tampa Bay Times broke the story and acknowledged Greer’s desperate animosity toward the GOP. Salon, however, couldn’t be bothered with that motive part, printing a terribly one-sided article which portrays Greer as the victim.

Obama cannot run on his record. His attacks on Romney’s business career have failed. All Team Obama and their Media Palace Guards have left is the race card.

Expect it to be played over and over through November.


  1. John Q. Conservative · · Reply

    The GOP doesn’t want to suppress anyone’s vote, this just plays into the liberal “Republicans are racist” meme. The goal is to make voting fair, isn’t fairness what liberals are all about?


  2. Mora North has given no evidence or facts that prove this man is lying; unless Mora is just lying.


    1. There is no evidence Greer is telling the truth. As he’s made the inflammatory accusation it’s incumbent upon him to substantiate it. And he has a strong motive for lying.

      If I said you beat your wife you’d say there’s no evidence that’s true (I hope). But by your logic, you’d have to prove I’m lying – or you’re a wife-beater.


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