Romney Used The 2002 Olympics For Personal Gain? BUNK!

Propaganda: Romney used his influence when he took leadership in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics to enrich Bain and his campaign for Governor of Massachusetts. He’s a crony-capitalist! Scandal!


  • The 2002 Olympics were dealing with scandal and fiscal destruction long before Mitt was involved. Romney was tasked to save the day. And he did.
  • The Olympics needed sponsors to offset the $379M deficit they were facing. Romney reached out to business and personal contacts for donations and sponsorships to make the Games solvent. When the Olympics were over, they had a $100M surplus. It was donated to future Games.
  • Romney personally donated $1M to the Olympic Fund of 2002. And he took no salary for the Games.
  • Romney’s Bain Capital donated $250M.
  • John Huntsman, Ambassador to Indonesia from Utah, at Romney’s request donated $1M to the Olympic Fund of 2002.
  • Some of Romney’s business contacts sponsored the Olympics, some did not.
  • Staples lost their bid for sponsorship to Office Depot. Staples was a Bain backed company. Mitt did not intervene.
  • Gateway Computers did win a bid for sponsorship. In subsequent year, Gateway hired Bain as a consultant.
  • Romney’s friends and business associates Marriott, Sealy,, GM, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, and Sears all stepped-up to donate/sponsor the Olympics.

So, what do we have here? An Olympics embroiled in scandal and horribly in the red. Romney takes over, solves the financial issues, leans on friends and business associates to help, and saves America’s reputation for the World.

This is a bad thing? They should have given Mitt an honorary Gold Medal.

Did Romney use his leadership position to line the pockets of Bain companies or friends? Ridiculous. If he had, Staples would have won the sponsorship deal not Office Depot.

Is it crony-capitalism that Gateway Computers decided to hire Bain as a consultant? How so? Gateway paid to sponsor the Olympics. That they were impressed by Mitt Romney’s business acumen, success, and drive, to hire his firm Bain Capital to help them with their business after the Olympics is nothing but an endorsement of who Mitt Romney is.

Even uber-left The Daily Kos, who published the embarrassingly discredited Scott Walker Love Child story on the eve of the Wisconsin Recall Election, admits “there is no quid-pro-quo”…but goes on to say “there are some questions”.

Which would those be? If there is no quid-pro-quo there was no wrong-doing.

This is but another attempt by progressives to suggest there might be more there there, in an attempt to create a mythical, villanous, and false Romney.

Innuendo, hints, character assassination by suggestion, connecting dots that have no connection – the progressive toolbox.

Anything but facts.

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