Romney Committed A Felony? BUNK!

Propaganda: Romney said he stopped managing Bain Capital in 1999 to takeover The Olympics. But SEC documents have him as President and CEO until 2002. That’s a felony! Either he lied about leaving Bain in 1999 or he’s a FELON!


  • Team Obama have now acknowledged Romney left Bain Capital in 1999. This is progress.
  • Now, they claim that SEC documents listing Romney as President and CEO of Bain until 2002 indict him for felony.
  • The Boston Globe started this “felony” innuendo
  • Team Romney has demanded a retraction from the Boston Globe. The Globe has refused.
  • There is no SEC requirement that a person be actively managing a company to hold the above titles. There is no SEC or any legal issue involved.
  • The Left-leaning Washington Post’s own Fact Checker calls the latest Obama attack a pitiful lie.
  • FactCheck.Org calls Obama’s latest attack a pitiful lie.
  • Obama has admitted to illegal drug use. That is an actual felony.

I expected Obama’s attacks and lies to grow more desperate as we neared November. It’s somewhat astounding that Team Obama has run out of factual positions with which to attack Romney as early as July.

Team Obama is in full panic mode. And blatant lies like this one are destroying their credibility daily.

Soon, there will be no credibility left.

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