No, Voter ID Laws Do Not Disenfranchise Minorities

Propaganda: Republicans are trying to suppress minority voters by passing Jim Crow Voter ID laws. They’re trying to steal the election!


  • Sounds ridiculous? 73% of Americans agree with you.
  • The proposition that requiring a photo ID to register to vote, and to cast a vote, is racist and suppresses minorities is based solely on the proposition that minorities cannot afford state issued ID Cards.
  • The sole expert progressives rely upon is The Brennan Center For Justice.
  • The Brennan center is a heavily left-leaning think tank at the New York University of Law.
  • Brennan wrote a very biased piece suggesting Jim Crow is alive and well in the South. You can read that here. Included in this unbiased expert opinion is the following:

“The South Carolina legislature is now considering a stronger bill that would require would-be voters to present documentary proof of citizenship, such as a passport or birth certificate, in order to register to vote. These documents are hard to procure for many people, such as older African-Americans, who were never given birth certificates because of the racist legal regime under which they were born.” (Italics mine).

  • Stand Up For America does an excellent job debunking the Brennan Center’s work. I strongly encourage you to visit this page.

Experts aside for the moment, let’s apply some common-sense perspective:

  • All 50 states provide Photo ID cards, available at numerous locations including every motor vehicle office facility.
  • No state charges more than $25 for an ID card. Most states charge less than $15. Some states charge nothing at all.
  • If you have a driver’s license, you already have a photo ID and there is no additional cost to comply with Voter ID laws.
  • Texas, the current target of Obama’s DOJ attack on Voter ID Laws, offers them for free.

Suspending disbelief for the moment, we’ll assume minorities largely don’t drive. How relatively expensive is it for blacks and latinos to pay the $25 fee for an ID?

  • A case of Bud Light costs around $21
  • A carton of Marlboros costs around $50
  • A large multi-topping pizza costs around $20
  • The average monthly iPhone use charge is around $70 (and of course it’s several hundred dollars to buy)
  • The average cost of monthly cable starts at $30
  • A cup of Starbucks coffee costs around $8
  • A basketball costs around $15
  • The average price of a pair of Nikes is $40
  • It costs $25 to drive 18 miles
  • Basic internet service starts at $20 per month
  • The average union membership costs $20 PER DAY

There’s even a growing movement that claims Voter ID laws disenfranchise the Transgender Community. Seriously?

Opponents of Voter ID laws have one intent: to allow voter fraud.

Without strong Voter ID laws illegal immigrants can vote. Illegal immigrants tend to vote overwhelmingly Democrat.

Without strong Voter ID laws, the dead can vote. The dead tend to vote overwhelmingly Democrat.

Without strong Voter ID laws, the living can vote more than once. Multiple vote-casting tends to run overwhelmingly Democrat.

The only group being “disenfranchised” are the Citizens of All Colors. We can correct that with Voter ID laws.

Ask Obama’s DOJ and Eric Holder why they are disenfranchising the Citizens of The United States.

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