Voter Fraud Is A Myth? BUNK!

Propaganda: Voter fraud is a myth. It doesn’t happen. You’re more likely to get struck by lightning than experience voter fraud!


Amusingly, AlterNet, a left-leaning organization heavily supportive of Occupy Wall Street, went to great lengths to deny the National Republican Lawyer’s Associations study showing 46 states have experienced voter fraud – and substantiated voter fraud within their own article. But, they want you to believe those cases are no big deal.

Nothing to see here, move along.

The undeniable truth is that voter fraud does exist. And it’s a serious problem.

Progressives cannot admit voter fraud exists because “lack of it” is their secondary argument against Voter ID Laws.

Of course, their primary argument is that Voter ID Laws are racist. You can read my post on that propaganda, here.

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  1. […] recently published guide to states requiring no ID to vote puts the lie to the meme┬áthat vote fraud is a myth […]


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