Mitch McConnell Said “30M Uninsured Is Not An Issue”? BUNK!

Propaganda: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told Chris Wallace on Fox Sunday that 30M uninsured Americans is “not an issue”. He doesn’t care about the uninsured. He’s heartless!


  • As usual, liberals are taking a comment out of context. In fact, they’re rewriting what McConnell actually said.
  • McConnell said “30M uninsured is not THE issue”. And it wasn’t. In the context of the discussion. He did NOT say it’s not AN issue. There’s a huge difference there and the video is clear. Liberals are editing his comments to “expose” something he never said.
  • The discussion concerned the integrity of Obamacare as a European-style Federal takeover of the American Healthcare System.
  • Chris Wallace was trying to validate Obamacare’s unconstitutionality and breach of trust the Federal Government has with the American People, as defined by the Constitution, by citing the issue of uninsured Americans.
  • Wallace seemed to be making that point that the Constitution is expendable, as long as there’s a problem the government wants to address.
  • McConnell said it was not “THE” issue under discussion – and it wasn’t.
  • McConnell never said, nor inferred, that the 30M uninsured are not deserving of consideration, and a plan to help them obtain insurance.
  • In fact, the House GOP and Mitt Romney have both detailed plans which would help insure the uninsured in America. And not by punting to a European Socialist-style Government Healthcare Tax Monstrosity. Which IS the issue.

All too commonly, now, Liberal dishonesty is more than AN issue – it’s THE issue.

You can find the full video of the exchange here.

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