Americans Will Lose The Popular Parts of Obamacare If Repealed? BUNK!

Propaganda: The pieces of Obamacare that Americans have said they DO support will be lost if Obamacare is repealed. We need to accept the unpopular parts to preserve the popular ones.


  1. Allowing dependent children to stay on their parents’ coverage until 26 years of age
  2. Providing financial assistance (subsidies) to the uninsured to purchase insurance
  3. Providing for coverage of pre-existing conditions
  4. Allowing for insurance “exchanges” to drive the insurance costs down by increasing the pool of participants
  5. Getting employers with more than 50 employees to provide insurance for their employees

But the House GOP Healthcare Solutions Group Plan has contained each of these provisions since 2009. Here are the corresponding elements in the GOP Plan:

  1. Allows dependent children to stay on their parents’ coverage until 25 years of age.
  2. Provides tax credits at 100% of the cost of insurance
  3. Provides for pre-existing conditions
  4. Provides for interstate insurance sales which effectively create “exchanges” due to the sheer number of possible participants and free-market competition
  5. Provides for tax incentives to encourage business to provide insurance to their employees

It is beyond argument that the only parts of Obamacare Americans want to keep are kept under the House GOP Plan. The cost for Obamacare is over $730 Billion. The cost to taxpayers for the House GOP Plan is zero. That’s right, zero.

Mitt Romney has detailed his healthcare plan, which is very similar to the House GOP plan.

And the House GOP Plan does not require a federal takeover of the U.S. Healthcare System. It does not penalize physicians. It does not mandate inferior care. It does not require seniors to choose doctors they don’t want to choose. It does not tax the American People. It does not strike an irreversible blow to individual freedom, Constitutional integrity, or Capitalism.

Obamacare takes a giant leap down the road of a Socialist America. A giant leap down the road to create a permanent Welfare State.

The House GOP Plan simply helps those who need assistance while driving down escalating medical costs. And it preserves our Constitutional Freedoms.

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