No, The U.S. Does Not Lead The World in Infant Mortality

Propaganda: The U.S. ranks 178th out of 220 in Infant Mortality. The U.S. Health Care System is broken.



  • The UN rating system is inverse of what you would expect. #1 is the worst, #220 is the best. They fail to tell you that.
  • Countries report infant deaths according to varying standards. Many do not count infant deaths in cases where the probability of survival is low.
  • Many countries do not count deaths that occur before 23 weeks of gestation. The U.S. does.
  • LA Times: “If we categorize births by length of gestation, the U.S. ranks second, third or fourth among major European countries in achieving the lowest infant mortality rates for every category examined prior to full term.
  • U.S. counts every live birth regardless of the baby’s life expectancy. Under socialized systems such as in Canada and Germany (among many others), low birth weight infants under 500 grams (18 ounces), are not counted in the live-birth statistics.
  • Further, many socialized systems don’t count babies who live less than a day. The Swedes don’t count babies who are too short. The U.S. considers such infants worth saving and counts them all, which lowers the statistical number for the survival rate.
  • Italy modifies its reporting based on where you are in the country.
  • Less than one-sixth of France’s infant deaths are reported that occur in the first day of life.
  • In Hong Kong, reported deaths account for only one-twenty-fifth of all infant deaths
  • Norway has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world. The rates for the U.S. are just as good when adjusted for low birth weight.”

The lack of standardization in how infant mortality is measured plagues Canada as well.

Non-standardized measures of health metric analyses including mortality rate, life expectancy, health care spending per capita, are similarly skewed.

Bottom line: Healthcare in the U.S. ranks at the top of every country in the World, when fair comparisons are used.


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