The GOP Has No Plan to Replace Obamacare? BUNK!

Propaganda: The GOP has no plan to replace Obamacare. No plan to address the issues that surround the uninsured and skyrocketing cost of medical care. It’s Obamacare or nothing.


  • The GOP has presented several independent pieces of legislation that address the various problems Americans face in our current healthcare system. These common sense reforms were presented in 2009.
  • The GOP does not believe a 2,700 page single piece of federal legislation which includes hitherto unknown expansion of federal authority into the lives of citizens, and the autonomy of the states as provided by the Constitution, is necessary to fix existing problems.
  • Unlike the DNC, the GOP believes each of these problems need specific solutions, and the People of the United States should be free to decide, through their elected representatives, which solutions should move forward, which should be revised or rewritten.

Obamacare is an “all or nothing” approach to solving our healthcare problems. It cannot stand or function if all elements are not upheld. If you take one provision, you take all provisions – even the bad ones. You have no choice.

Obamacare depends on thousands of separate provisions, regulations, taxes, spending reductions, quality of care reductions, and choice reductions to function immaculately in order to produce the cost savings the CBO predicted. However, this is not a realistic or tenable view of what will actually take place.

For example, the recent Supreme Court ruling disallowed Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion segment as unconstitutional. Without the States being heavily coerced to join the Medicaid Expansion States are likely to opt out of this provision of Obamacare. Millions will likely be left uninsured. And Obamacare funding falls apart.

How will the federal government administer Obamacare without the Medicaid Expansion being adopted by all 50 States? No one has answered this question. The likely funding mechanism will be increased federal taxes on every American.

The GOP plan does not require every element to be dependent on the others. Immediate relief on a provision by provision basis is attainable. When one provision gets stalled (like the Medicaid Expansion), the others move forward. When The People decide one provision is undesirable, it does not kill the provisions that are desirable.

The GOP has no plan? Bunk!

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